California Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

California has some of the most stringent landlord-tenant laws in the U.S. These laws give both landlords and tenants certain basic rights and responsibilities regardless of whether the lease agreement defines them. At Eviction Group, A Professional Law Corporation, our staff can help landlords deal with problem tenants, but here is what both parties should know…


Timely Consideration. In exchange for leasing a property to a tenant, the landlord is entitled to rental payments on time and in full each month. A reasonable fee may be charged for late or returned payments, if the lease defines these terms.


Performance by the Lease. A landlord and the tenant are both obligated to abide by any rules or restrictions outlined in the lease agreement. If a tenant violates the agreement in some way, the landlord has the right to evict the tenant from the property.


Appropriate Notice. The tenant is required to inform the landlord as soon as they find or cause defect or damage to the property. If the tenant does not inform the landlord, he or she cannot hold the landlord responsible for failing to repair the problem. The landlord is also entitled to compensation if the tenant willfully or carelessly caused the damage.


Proper Maintenance. The landlord’s responsibility is to ensure the continued habitability of the property. If this does not happen, the tenant can terminate the lease early without penalty.


Prompt Repairs. Assuming the tenant has given appropriate notice, the landlord must complete all repairs promptly and properly. The landlord is responsible for the cost of any repairs not caused by the tenant directly. If a landlord refuses to do the work or do it satisfactorily, California law permits the tenant to withhold rent payments and use the funds to have the work completed satisfactorily.


Unbiased Practices. Every landlord has the responsibility to abide by California’s anti-discrimination laws. Landlords cannot selectively choose to screen different applications based on different criteria.


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