Demanding Renter? Find Out What You Can Do As a Landlord

Landlords can often expect to eventually run into a demanding renter. This renter might complain about everything in the rental unit and make seemingly unreasonable requests, which may take time away from other landlord duties. Eviction Group, A Professional Law Corporation can tell you your obligations as a landlord, which are also spelled out in your lease and described by California state law.


California State law requires that at a minimum, landlords are required to ensure that the rental property is habitable. Habitable means that the property is equipped with basic items such as running water, heat, working appliances, and windows and doors. California laws explicitly state what proper maintenance entails. A knowledge of landlord-tenant laws can help you understand the difference between an unreasonable request and one that demands your attention. Eviction Group, A Professional Law Corporatioin can help you understand your obligation to your tenants and what does not fall under obligatory maintenance.


The lease agreement can also help establish the landlord’s responsibilities. Write out procedures for requesting repairs and emergency situations. By signing the lease, the tenant agrees to these terms. Dealing with a tenant demand can be frustrating, but it is always important to maintain a courteous and professional demeanor. Establish rules about when, where, and why tenants can reach you. Establish respectful ground rules to make sure that tenants do not open the door to unreasonable requests.


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