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We help tenants in Anaheim and throughout Southern California remove unwanted tenants and navigate the legal eviction process.

Anaheim eviction attorney Nilufar Alemozaffar Motlagh has filed many successful evictions for landlords throughout Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Irvine, Palm Springs, Riverside and San Diego areas.

At the Eviction Group, attorneys can provide you with information on the legal eviction process. We also provide free initial consultations for landlords looking to explore their legal options with respect to removing unwanted tenants in Anaheim.

The Eviction Group helps local landlords navigate residential and commercial evictions. Our attorneys can walk tenants through the process of providing a legal eviction notice and filing all legal documents with the courts.

Tenants will ultimately need to file an unlawful detainer complaint, civil case cover sheet, and prejudgment right of possession form in order to legally remove a tenant from the landlord’s property.

The eviction process in California can be complicated, confusing and lengthy. Legal consultation is a must. A landlord should make sure that he has the legal grounds for evicting a tenant.

In general, the following events could be grounds for eviction: failure to pay rent, property damage, illegal activity, failure to leave after the lease is up, or violating the terms of the landlord’s rental contract. Any of these events may be grounds for filing a legal eviction notice to remove unwanted tenants in Anaheim.

To remove an unwanted tenant in Anaheim, though, landlords must make sure to serve a tenant with an appropriate notice and give the tenant enough time to leave the property. Landlords might want to try resolving the situation themselves or hiring a legal mediator before initiating the legal eviction process.

If a landlord is dealing with a tenant in Anaheim that refuses to pay rent or conducts illegal activity on the rental property, then the Eviction Group lawyers can help that landlord navigate the legal eviction process.

The eviction notice that a landlord provides a tenant prior to starting the unlawful detainer legal eviction process must include a few elements, including: the tenant’s name and relevant contact information, date of serving, the total amount of rent due, a certificate of service, and the signature of the landlord as well.

The legal eviction process depends on serving a legal eviction notice. Some tenants in Anaheim will contest an eviction notice that isn’t served properly, which can lengthen the legal eviction process for landlords.

A 3-day notice is used when a tenant in Anaheim breaks the terms of a rental agreement whereas a 30-day notice should be provided to a tenant who breaks a monthly lease.

A 60-day notice should be provided for tenants living at the landlord’s property for more than 12 months, and a 90-day notice is used for tenants receiving government-subsidized housing accommodations.

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