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The Eviction Group offers legal guidance to residential and commercial landlords looking to remove unwanted tenants from their properties.

As tenants will ultimately need to file an unlawful detainer complaint, civil case cover sheet, and prejudgment right of possession form, landlords in Corona are advised to seek legal guidance before initiating the eviction process. That said, landlords might have numerous reasons for seeking to remove an unwanted tenant from one of their residential or commercial properties in Corona, California.

These reasons might include any of the following: the tenant refuses to pay rent; the unwanted tenant violates the rental agreement; the tenant fails to vacate the property once the lease is expired; the tenant uses the landlord’s property for conducting illegal activity (e.g., selling drugs); or, the tenant causes significant property damage that threatens to bring down the landlord’s property value.

A tenant that causes a significant, sustained nuisance to other renters or threatens the property’s future rentability can also be removed from the landlord’s property. Serving an eviction notice is an essential first step towards eventually filing an unlawful detainer action in the California court system.

Failure to provide an adequate eviction notice can delay the entire process, keep the unwanted tenant on the landlord’s property for longer, and potentially result in a fine of as much as $2,000 to the landlord for every time that unlawful means were used to remove tenants.

So, what critical pieces of information should the landlord include in the eviction notices that unwanted tenants in Corona are provided?

Landlords should ensure that an eviction notice contains: the total amount of back rent due; relevant details of the financial institution that the tenant should pay the owed rent; the name and contact information of the tenant; the date on which the landlord served the tenant the eviction notice; the landlord’s signature; and, a certificate of service that outlines how the notice was served.

To understand more about including a certificate of service, or for understanding how a substitute service might be used to deliver a legal eviction notice if the unwanted tenant can’t be served, contact the Eviction Group directly.

Different circumstances will require different types of eviction notices. For instance, if the terms of a monthly lease are broken, then a 30-day eviction notice should be served. Government-subsidized housing recipients should receive 90-day eviction notices.

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