Eviction Attorney in Huntington Beach

Welcome to the law offices of the Eviction Group, the premier eviction attorney law firm serving Huntington Beach, California. The Eviction Group serves all of southern California, including Newport Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Palm Springs, and San Bernardino.

Landlords renting out property in Huntington Beach might want to contact an eviction attorney for a variety of different reasons. Simply understanding the eviction laws in California, when and how to serve unwanted tenants with unlawful detainer actions, and how best to serve unwanted tenants with eviction notices are some great reasons to see an eviction attorney.

An eviction attorney – like lead eviction attorney at the Eviction Group, Nilufar Alemozaffar Motlagh – can serve the interests of landlords exclusively. This means the Eviction Group’s eviction attorneys realize that there are a number of legitimate reasons why landlords would want to evict tenants from their rental properties.

These reasons can include any of the following: the unwanted tenant refuses to pay rent; the tenant is causing (or has caused) property damage that detracts from the landlord’s ability to rent the property to other tenants in the future; tenants are conducting illegal activity on the landlord’s property; the tenant refuses to leave the property once the lease has expired; or, the unwanted tenant causes a sustained nuisance to other tenants in the building.

Any of these would be grounds for eviction, but a landlord looking to evict an unwanted tenant in Huntington Beach needs to format the eviction notice properly in order to avoid fines and efficiently evict an unwanted tenant. Here’s where hiring an eviction attorney can really make sense.

Ideally, the landlord would communicate with the tenant directly to see if the matter could be resolved without legal mediation or going through the eviction and unlawful detainer process. Unfortunately, matters can’t always be worked out amicably – even with legal mediation. In cases where landlords can’t quickly work things out with tenants, an eviction notice might have to be served.

An eviction notice should contain a few critical pieces of information. These include: the total amount of back rent due, details for the financial institution to whom the landlord should pay the back rent, and the landlord’s signature. An eviction attorney will tell Huntington Beach landlords how they should also include a certificate of service in the eviction notice and how to deliver the eviction notice itself.

A landlord will also need to include the date that the unwanted tenant was served as well as the name and address of the unwanted tenant being served. Landlords then want to know how long they can allow the tenant to stay on the property before the eviction motion kicks in. The answer can vary depending on the circumstances.

Violations of a rental agreement provision can mean only a 3-day eviction notice whereas an eviction attorney might advice a 30-day eviction notice for an unwanted tenant in Huntington Beach who breaks the terms of a monthly lease. Contact the Eviction Group for a free consultation.

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