Eviction Attorney Lake Elsinore

The Eviction Group is a professional law organization serving the interests of landlords exclusively and providing free initial consultations to landlords in Lake Elsinore looking to evict unwanted tenants.

In fact, the Eviction Group works with landlords all throughout southern California. By contacting an eviction attorney at the Eviction Group landlords can discover more about the eviction process, obtain all necessary court documentation for proceeding forward with an unlawful detainer action (e.g., an unlawful detainer complaint form and civil case cover sheet), and efficiently evict unwanted tenants.

Lead eviction attorney at the Eviction Group, Nilufar Alemozaffar Motlagh, will walk landlords through the eviction process and what circumstances could empower landlords to remove unwanted tenants from a rental property. A refusal to leave once the lease has expired as well as a failure to pay back rent are two very popular reasons for landlords in Lake Elsinore contacting an eviction attorney to get the eviction process started.

Other reasons that landlords in Lake Elsinore give for wanting to evict tenants are: the tenant is causing property damage, the tenant is creating a significant and sustained nuisance; the tenant is using the landlord’s property to conduct illicit activity; the rental agreement’s terms are being violated; or, the rental property is being put towards an unlawful end.

These are all reasons for evicting an unwanted tenant in Lake Elsinore that the state of California’s eviction laws say are valid grounds for eviction. An eviction attorney can further explain to landlords the process of delivering an eviction notice to an unwanted tenant directly – and, where that can’t be accomplished, using substituted service – as well as how the eviction notice should be formatted and how long the landlord should wait before proceeding further.

In general, landlords will want to include a few critical pieces of information in the eviction notice. A landlord should include the following: the name and address of the unwanted tenant up for eviction; all back rent due; details of the financial institution that the tenant should pay back rent to; the date that the eviction notice is being served; a certificate of service; and, finally, the landlord’s signature at the bottom.

An eviction attorney can provide all of the guidance that landlords will need throughout the eviction process as well as any eviction notice form that a landlord in Lake Elsinore and Riverside County will need. Some circumstances might require 3-day eviction notices whereas others will require landlords to provide 30-day, 60-day or even 90-day notices to unwanted tenants.

As examples, a landlord renting out property in Lake Elsinore dealing with a tenant who has violated a provision in the rental agreement would work with an eviction attorney to craft a 3-day eviction notice to remove the unwanted tenant. An eviction attorney will provide all the necessary forms and paperwork. Remember, the Eviction Group will provide landlords a free initial consultation and all the resources that a skilled, experienced eviction attorney has to offer.

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