Eviction Attorney Murrieta

Welcome to the Eviction Group, a professional law organization and the premier eviction law firm in Southern California. The Eviction Group’s lawyers serve the interests of landlords exclusively and provide free initial consultations for landlords looking to understand their rights.

The Eviction Group’s lead eviction attorney, Nilufar Alemozaffar Motlagh, serves the interests of landlords throughout Southern California, including the following areas: Irvine, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The Eviction Group serves Murrieta, California and the larger Riverside County area.

Eviction law in California can be difficult for landlords to understand, and every eviction process is somewhat different. That further complicates matters. An eviction attorney can be a tremendous resource to have at a landlord’s disposal. Landlords will learn more about serving a tenant before filing an unlawful detainer action and ultimately evicting an unwanted tenant from the landlord’s property.

The state of California requires landlords to provide a properly formatted eviction notice to unwanted tenants prior to eviction. Here, again, an eviction attorney can help. After the eviction notice is served to the tenant directly, then a landlord may file an unlawful detainer action against the unwanted tenant in Murrieta.

An eviction attorney at the Eviction Group can provide the necessary paperwork and legal documents along the way. These include the unlawful detainer complaint form, a civil case cover sheet, and a prejudment right of possession form. Murrieta landlords might also consider downloading different eviction notices from the Eviction Group’s website by following this link. Remember, that a free consultation with an experienced eviction attorney is also available.

So, what are a few scenarios that landlords might encounter that would be grounds for eviction? Any of the following would all be grounds for evicting an unwanted tenant in Murrieta: the tenant fails to pay rent; the tenant is conducting illegal activity on the landlord’s property; the tenant violates the terms of the rental agreement; the tenant causes property damage and imperils the rentability of the landlord’s property; or, the tenant causes a sustained nuisance for other tenants on the property.

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