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Landlords might want to evict tenants for a variety of reasons, including: the tenant refuses to pay rent; the tenant is conducting illegal activities on the landlord’s property; the tenant refuses to vacate the property after the lease has expired; or, the tenant violates the terms of the rental contract.

Under eviction law in Fontana and the state of California, landlords are required to provide an eviction notice to an unwanted tenant prior to eviction of tenant.

After the notice is provided, then the landlord may choose to file an unlawful detainer action in a special court proceeding that provides the landlord with the legal framework for initiating the process of eviction of tenant.

Landlords might consider consulting with their unwanted tenants before serving an eviction of tenant notice and starting the unlawful detainer process of removing the unwanted tenant. Working with a legal mediator could bring the removal to a speedier, more satisfying conclusion as well.

If consultation with the unwanted tenant and legal mediation fail to provide the desired outcome for the landlord, then the landlord might consider serving an eviction of tenant notice to remove the unwanted tenant.

Landlords should make sure to include the following information in that eviction of tenant notice: the name, address and contact information of the financial entity that should be paid by the tenant; the date that the landlord is serving the eviction of tenant notice; the name and contact information for the tenant; the signature of the tenant; and, the collective amount of rent due by the unwanted tenant living in Fontana.

In most instances, landlords must serve the unwanted tenant directly in person. If that can’t be done, then landlords might consider going a different route. A landlord can deliver a legal eviction of tenant notice through a process known as substituted service.

With substituted service the landlord can provide the eviction of tenant notice to, for instance, a family member or work colleague of the unwanted tenant, as long as that associate is at least 18 years old and reasonably competent.

Many landlords then want to know how long an unwanted tenant has to vacate the property. A 3-day notice is provided to an unwanted tenant who has violated the rental agreement; a 30-day notice for a monthly lease violation; and, a 60-day notice if the tenant has been living there for more than one year.

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