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Welcome to the law offices of the Eviction Group. Our Irvine Eviction Attorney specializes in working with landlords in Irvine, California. We provide legal counsel to landlords in Irvine and help to provide an eviction notice from landlord to tenant.

Landlords might want to pursue eviction of unwanted tenants in Irvine for the following reasons: the tenant is unwilling or unable to pay rent; the tenant stays after the lease has expired; tenant conducts illicit activities on landlord’s property; tenant causes property damage; tenant violates the terms of the rental contract.

Irvine eviction attorney Nilufar Alemozaffar Motlagh works with a dedicated, knowledgeable staff and exclusively counsels landlords in southern California locations like Irvine, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Ontario.

Under the eviction law in the state of California, landlords are legally required to provide a notice to tenants prior to eviction. An unlawful detainer action in California is a special court proceeding that provides the legal grounds for conveying eviction notices from landlord to tenant.

Legal mediators are sometimes used by Irvine, California landlords in order to start the eviction process smoothly. Landlords might also contact the tenant before filing an unlawful detainer action in order to seek out a peaceful resolution to the problem (e.g., unpaid rent).

If these strategies don’t produce the desired result that landlords are seeking, then know that there are legal remedies. A landlord may serve a tenant with a three-day notice of eviction if the tenant has refused to pay rent and has outstanding rent payments.

California has different kinds of eviction notice requirements for different kinds of situations and tenants. A 60-day notice, for instance, should be given to a tenant who has been living at the landlord’s property for more than one year while a 90-day notice should be given to tenants receiving government-subsidized housing.

The notices that landlords provide must contain certain information to be valid. An eviction notice must contain:the tenant’s name and address; the date of serving; the complete sum of rent due; the landlord’s signature on the notice; and, a certificate of service showing that the tenant received the eviction notice from landlord to tenant.

Landlords in Irvine, California should provide a three-day notice for unpaid rent, or a 30-day notice if the tenant is being evicted for violation of the lease agreement terms in a month-to-month lease.

As long as the tenant has lived in the unit for more than one year, that tenant should receive an eviction notice from landlord to tenant that provides a 60-day notice to leave the property. In the state of California, tenants receiving government-subsidized housing are to receive a 90-day eviction notice from landlord to tenant.

When evicting unwanted tenants in Irvine, the tenant has five business days to respond to (or challenge) the eviction notice. Evictions in Irvine are a multi-step legal process that can take a few weeks or more. To learn more about how an eviction notice from landlord to tenant works, consider setting up a free consultation with our Irvine Eviction Attorney today.

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