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One of the most popular reasons for wanting to remove an unwanted tenant is a failure to pay rent.

Property damage that threatens the landlord’s resale value or future rentability is another common reason that landlords give for wanting to evict an unwanted tenant in Los Angeles.

The Eviction Group’s skilled legal team also helps landlords remove unwanted tenants for rental contract violations, refusing to leave the property once the agreed-upon lease is up, conducting illegal activities on the landlord’s property, or creating a significant and sustained nuisance to other tenants and the landlord.

Under eviction law in Los Angeles and California more broadly, landlords are required to provide tenants with an eviction notice prior to the removal of a tenant in Los Angeles. Once the eviction notice is provided to the unwanted tenant, then the landlord may choose to file an unlawful detainer action.

To legally remove an unwanted tenant in Los Angeles, though, landlords must ensure that their eviction notices are formatted properly and give enough notice to tenants – the time given for tenants to leave the landlord’s property (e.g., a 3-day notice or a 60-day notice) will vary based on the tenant’s circumstances. More on this later.

Before a tenant is served a legal eviction notice, landlords should make an effort to bring the situation to a friendly resolution.

A legal mediator might make this process go more smoothly. If the landlord can’t find a mutually agreeable resolution with the tenant, then an eviction notice should be served to remove the unwanted tenant from the landlord’s property.

The eviction notice should convey a few pieces of critical information to the tenant, including: the date and time that the notice was served; the total amount of all back rent due; the contact information and fiscal details of the financial institution that should receive payment from the tenant; a certificate of service (showing that the landlord served the tenant); and, the signature of the landlord at the bottom.

Landlords in Los Angeles looking to remove an unwanted tenant should guarantee that notices have been served properly; unwanted tenants will often attempt to dispute the legality of a notice, which can delay the eviction process.

Three-day notices and 30-day notices are given to unwanted tenants in Los Angeles who have violated the landlord’s rental agreement (3-day notice) or broken the terms of a monthly lease (30-day notice).

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