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Providing the Eviction Notice

In the state of California, eviction lawsuits are technically called unlawful detainer actions. Before evicting a tenant, landlords in California are required to provide the tenant with a notice.

If, for instance, a landlord is evicting a tenant for unpaid rent, the tenant must be served with a three-day notice of back rent due. The eviction of tenant process has to be done properly.

Serving a tenant properly in the state of California means that a landlord must personally hand the notice of eviction to the tenant being evicted. If the tenant refuses to accept the eviction notice, then a landlord may leave it near the tenant.

A third option is for a landlord to use what’s known as a a substituted service in which the landlord leaves the notice with someone who is 18 years or older and competent. This individual can be a family member, fellow facility resident or workplace colleague.

Different Types of Notices

Landlords have many different reasons for seeking an eviction of tenant. A three-day notice may be given to a resident of San Bernardino that has a history of not paying the rent or conducting illegal activities on the landlord’s property.

Three-day notices are used when the tenant has violated the rental agreement in some way.

In cases in which a landlord is overseeing a month-to-month lease and a landlord has grounds for eviction of tenant, then that landlord would have to provide a 30-day notice in order to have the tenant move out.

In cases in which the tenant has lived on the property for more than one year, the state of California requires that landlords provide a 60-day notice. The eviction notice is extended to a 90-day notice when the San Bernardino resident is a recipient of government-subsidized housing.

After the landlord has served the notice the landlord may file an unlawful detainer action provided the tenant refuses to vacate the property or reconcile back rent.

Evicting Unwanted Tenants in San Bernardino

The attorneys at the Eviction Group work closely with landlords throughout the process of evicting an unwanted tenant in San Bernardino. In California the eviction process proceeds over multiple stages.

To legally evict a San Bernardino resident in California landlords must file an action for unlawful detainer.

Staying after the lease expires, failing to pay rent, damaging the landlord’s property, or violating the rental contract are all grounds for eviction of tenant. 

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